Many people who have watched the cartoon series or read the comics are not aware of the existance of the Smurflings. If they are, they wonder just where they came from. Are they Smurfette's kids? Who is the dad? Did Papa Smurf "smurf" up some magic potion? It turns out it's a bit more complicated than that.

RetroNat Smurf is what could be referred to as an "animal lover." Nat would do just about anything for an animal, including putting himself in danger to save one. Like Snappy and Slouchy, he was actually an adult Smurf until Father Time's magical clock de-aged him by accident. In the TV series he has no memory of being an adult, while in the comic series he is aware of the situation. Nat is short for Nature Smurf.

RetroSassette Smurf was created by her fellow Smurfings, thanks to a magic spell and some blue clay. You see, Smurfette was unhappy being the only female in the village, and, feeling sorry for her, the Smurflings decided to give her a sister; unfortunately, because the Smurflings are not as tall as an adult Smurf, they could only create a figure that was two apples tall as opposed to three. Unlike Smurfette's very feminine personality, Sassette is a tomboy, and does not mind playing in the mud or doing other things boy Smurfs enjoy. Despite this, the two are close. Sassette got her name from the word "Sassy," coined by a Smurf in reference to her bad behavior in the beginning.

RetroSlouchy Smurf is very laid back and calm. Because of this demeanor, he often looks as though he is tired. He is often seen leaning back on something, his hands behind his head or in the pockets of his pants. Slouchy was an adult Smurf until an accidental encounter with Father Time's magic clock turned him back into a Smurfling.

Retro Snappy Smurf is a Smurfling you might not want to hang around when he is upset. Snappy lives up to his name by throwing a fit when he does not get his way. He is also prone to rudeness and a bad attitude, but that is not to say that he not willing to go on an adventure when the chance comes. Snappy was an adult until himself and Slouchy and Nat were transformed into Smurflings.