Here are the various websites I have created. I love coding and making websites, so this list will likely grow when the urge hits me :)

CLASSIC SHOUJO - Japanese girls comics from the 1990s and earlier. Artbook scans, cover galleries, old anime to check out, and more.

IT'S A SECRET - Shrine to the British cartoon The Secret Show.

LET'S READING - My collection of various doujinshi (Japanese fancomics).

MY CEL COLLECTION - Cels are sheets of plastic that have been painted on by animators for the creation of a cartoon series or movie. People like to collect them so they can own a piece of something they love.

OH! MY GAIJIN! - Foreigners are depicted in pretty interesting ways in Japanese media. Since becoming a fan of Japanese culture in 1997, I have taken notice of the way non-Japanese (or half-Japanese) are treated in anime and manga.

TWO APPLES TALL - A shrine to the Smurflings of the Smurfs franchise. Check out scans from the French issue of the comic that introduced them, character bios, and more.