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"Friends Only" (V, A, PP)


From All Of U.Z.Z. A Christmas story. Doctor Doctor is planning to replace all presents with fruitcake, the least wanted item of the holidays. Can Victor and Anita stop her?

FUZZball At F.U.Z.Z., a clothing store for kids, employee Anita Knight dreams of a more rewarding, exciting life. When an oddball customer stumbles in one day, she finds she just might get that wish. Alternate Universe.

Loaded Assignment Victor and Anita pose as a wealthy couple to recover a long lost U.Z.Z. treasure. But one of them is enjoying the job more than they should.

Volt from the Blue After years of being blamed, picked on, and used as a personal lab rat for U.Z.Z., Victor finally snaps.


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These are 10-15 second audio clips from the show. MP3 or WAV format. If you need help in getting the ringtone on your phone, check Youtube or Google for tutorials. I would also recommend BitPim, which I personally use. To download, right click and "save as."

Communicator Beep Ver. 2

Prof. Professor's Song

"Victor, are you still alive?"