[characters] [about] [media] [episodes] [links] Hopefully I've captured your interest enough that you want to learn more about this show.


Collington O'Hare The "business" site for The Secret Show. Has small picture gallery (including candids from a cast party), and press releases. Sadly, it doesn't look like it's updated that much.

Nicktoons Network Nickelodeon's official page.

The Secret Show The site for the kiddies. Very fun and interactive, probably the best place to check for DVD release news.


They're all pretty much the same, but it's a very cute idea. Be sure to check out the music page to hear full versions of the opening theme (missing the sound effects) and chase sequence.

Anita Knight

Victor Volt

Changed Daily

Professor Professor

Sweet Little Granny

The Secret Show

The Secret Show Music


There isn't much right now, as the fandom appears to be depressingly almost non-existant. If you have a Secret Show site, contact me if you'd like me to link to you.

DeviantArt Fan Club

The Secret Show Forum

UzzandThem Livejournal community.

Yahoo! Group