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The Secret Thing

Someone is trying to steal the Secret Thing! Everyone becomes aware that the Imposters are involved once it's discovered that a fake Victor has found his way into headquarters.

Changed Daily Name: Chuckle Botty

Who Stole Switzerland?

Victor and Anita haven't had much luck in trying to catch a strange device (one of many that have appeared recently) and fall off a cliff, landing in a bed of snow. They quickly discover they're now in Paris, previously having been in Switzerland just moments ago, and somebody is attempting to steal all bodies of land. Meanwhile, Changed Daily receives a note from World Leader, who claims aliens are stealing the Earth's gravity.

Changed Daily Name: Lammy Wammykins

Bogie Ball

Eww! World Leader eats her boogers? Word gets out fast and Doctor Doctor decides to use this to her advantage, creating a special device that makes boogers explosive. She even steals the world's largest (and likely only) booger ball from an eccentric Italian schulpter named Alphonse. With that kind of fire power the whole planet could be doomed.

Changed Daily Name: Mommy Dearest

Wedgie Attack!

Victor and Anita are sent running after TV footage shows them giving World Leader's husband a wedgie. Claiming absolute innocence, they take shelter at Victor's mom's house. Soon after Professor Professor is accused of the same crime, and so on, until the entire body of U.Z.Z. is on the guilty list.

Changed Daily Name: Cheeky Chops

Commando Babies

Babies have been kidnapping important people, and a woman who used to be Changed Daily's nanny is behind it. With a special ray that can "baby-ize" anyone it touches, the whole world may soon be under her control (and in diapers).

Changed Daily Name: Warty Fingleblaster

Bad Hair Day!

No matter what the two top agents do, Doctor Doctor always finds them, causing mass panic and bringing to attention a possible leak in security. Meanwhile a fad has sprung up for wearing wigs. Is there a connection? There is, especially when the wigs come to life at night and Professor Professor discovers just how Doctor Doctor is getting all that information.

Changed Daily Name: Pongo Pifflepaws, Nancy Toodlepoops

And That's For Helsinki

The whole population of Helsinki is out to get Victor and Anita, and they can't figure out why.

Changed Daily Name: Fluffy Tummy

The Ball of Spong

Aliens come and demand that they be presented with the Ball of Spong. If U.Z.Z. does not comply the whole planet will be sifted. Trouble is this ball with a minty scent is in an indestructable pod with Changed Daily, who not only believes he's the last person on Earth, but is quite hungry as well.

Changed Daily Name: Bobby Bouncybuns

Destination Sun

Doctor Doctor creates a device that can cut off the rays of the sun, and Victor accidentally steps on and breaks the remote control. If they want to escape an eternal ice age they must team up with Doctor Doctor and re-ignite the sun.

Changed Daily Name: Oinky Doinky