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Anita Knight


Anita is pretty much the brains of the top secret duo, often having to help Victor out of messes he both caused and was automatically blamed for. She has saved the world 243 times, is a master of 304 forms of unarmed combat ("without losing my headband"), and is happiest when not wearing girlie clothes (though she is a romantic at heart). Anita also has a mysterious allergy to sea water (which is later explained) and harbors a crush on an eccentric Italian sculpture named Alphonse.

Victor Volt

CATCH PHRASE: "Yes, I'm still alive!"

According to the official website, Victor was recruited at a comic book convention. He is very enthusiastic, though gullible and childish, often blundering things and getting in trouble. When Professor Professor needs a guinea pig for his wacky inventions, guess who is chosen? His middle names are "Thomas Jefferson," a clever reference to his American heritage. Victor often keeps in touch with his doting mother, Mildred, a fellow agent (Victor doesn't know this, however).

Changed Daily

CATCH PHRASE: "For reasons of security my name is changed daily"

For reasons of security this man's name is changed every 24 hours. Almost always seen with his precious fireplace (he even takes it to bed), Changed Daily's daily names are always silly and ridiculous, much to the amusement of Victor, Anita, and Professor Professor. His current job is to brief Victor, Anita, and Professor Professor on their tasks, but has been with U.Z.Z. for several years. He used to be teamed up with a woman named Lucy Woo, who is the only one who knows his real name. His intelligence level seems to go up and down depending, from not knowing who the Head of U.Z.Z. is, to eating the Ball of Spong which was vital to the survival of the human race.

Professor Professor

CATCH PHRASE: "Victor, are you still alive?" "Totally untested and highly dangerous!"

Professor Professor is the strangest and most energetic person at U.Z.Z., but is quite the brainiac and comes up with all of their useful (and not so useful) gadgets. Speaking with an accent and often throwing German words into his day (like "mutter" and "schnell"), he can't sing worth beans but handles the xylophone pretty well. He is Victor and Anita's main contact while on missions. He is a former student of "The School for the Chronically Gifted" and was in the same class as Doctor Doctor. At one point they may have dated.

Doctor Doctor


This green-haired woman with horribly unstable teeth is the head of T.H.E.M. (The Horrible Evil Menace), and in true villian fashion is always trying to take over the world. While her plans can be quite brilliant, they always end in failure. She is a former fellow classmate of Professor Professor at "The School for the Chronically Gifted." Unlike her bald counterpart, she can in fact sing.

Agent Ray

CATCHPHRASE: "Run The Secret Show!"

Agent Ray is the one responsible for "clearing" the time slot needed to run the show, much to the unwillingness of Sweet Little Granny. He also frequently runs missions from behind the scenes. Pretty much never takes off his glasses.