Looking for something interesting to read or do on the internet? Maybe the below stuff will help.


AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS - For those who have ever had to wear matching Christmas sweaters with their siblings for a family photo.
A CARTOON CHRISTMAS - Read reviews on many animated Christmas specials. Only updated during the month of December.
HALLOWEEN SPECIALS - Like A Cartoon Christmas, only for Halloween.
TOFUGU - All about Japanese culture. Also features tips and information on how to learn the language.
WHAT CLAUDIA WORE - Blog focused on Claudia and other characters from the once extremely popular (in the 80s and 90s) book series The Babysitters Club.


CODE ORGAN - Paste the address of any website and this "organ" will make a song based on coding found on the selected site. Each site will get different results.
MY AVATAR EDITOR - Create the Mii you use on your Wii gaming system with this tool.
INSTANTS - Click on any button and hear a sound.


SMW CENTRAL - Learn how to create your own Super Mario World level, or play the creations of others.
VirtualNES - Play old school Nintendo games on the computer.