If you're here, you must be completely bored. As long I have your attention, go ahead and learn more about me.

RetroLet's get the basic stuff out of the way. My name is Megan. I live in Michigan, and I'm just shy of the age of 30. Although this may be so, people often mistake me for being around the 14-20 range. It's flattering but sometimes annoying. Even if I try to dress up in things a kid probably wouldn't wear, it doesn't help.


-Animals, especially dogs and cats
-Cheese and chocolate. I would, of course, never combine the two
-Things from the 80s. The 80s was my childhood, and unlike many of my peers, I want to keep that culture in my life as much as I can. I do this through visiting sites such as RETRO JUNK and listening to podcasts like 80s CARTOON PODCAST I also buy DVDs featuring shows I watched or wanted to watch, listen to 80s music, and so on
-Watching various "Let's Play" videos on YOUTUBE. I always enjoy watching people play video games, and with these I can do that whenever I want. The player's commentary as they move through a level is always funny or at least somewhat interesting
-Web design and making websites. It's a great stress reliever, and I'm always looking for ways to express how much of a fan I am about something


-People who drive below the speed limit, don't use their turn signal, and slow down at a green light
-Waking up earlier than 10 am
-Horror books and films
-Onions and mushrooms
-People who think cartoons are just for kids. That, once you hit the age of 10, you are no longer allowed to enjoy them, watch them or collect them in any way; unless it's raunchy, wacky comedies like Family Guy

-It is my dream to rebuild the house (well, what was seen of it) from Jim Henson's THE CHRISTMAS TOY - especially the playroom, main hallway and family room. I have loved this special since I was five. Unless I become super rich, though, I doubt it will ever happen
-If I was Smurfette and had to choose a Smurf from the village to marry, it would either be Hefty Smurf or Handy Smurf